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Minor Formatting Changes May Occur on Electronically Filed UCC Documents


Over the last couple of years, we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of states that allow electronic filing (E-Filing) of UCC  documents. Today, nearly every state accepts UCC filings that are transmitted electronically in some way. For most UCC filers, E-Filing represents an improvement over traditional paper filing since the filing fee for an electronically filed UCC document is typically lower than for a paper filing, and E-Filed…READ MORE

First Corporate Solutions Releases Exciting New Search Features to FCS Online

UCC, Services / System Update

Expanded State Details Expanded State Details for online search states allow users to know what lien types are included in the data, discover the date range for FCS Online images and learn about any state-specific data idiosyncrasies that may affect their search result. Simplified Ordering Enhanced state selection menu merges online and offline search states for simplified ordering of offline searches. Users select an offline state…READ MORE

Expert Tips on Lien Monitoring Programs

UCC, Lien Monitoring

Expert Tips on Lien Monitoring Programs The concept behind lien monitoring programs is that the sooner a creditor knows about a lien, the sooner they can act to protect their interests. These programs run updated interval searches on debtor names to check for any new filing activity, and then provide timely alerts to a creditor regarding potential threats. What follows is an overview of the various lien types creditors tend to include…READ MORE

Expert Tips on Understanding and Obtaining Good Standing Certificates

UCC, Corporate

First Corporate Solutions recently asked a panel of experts to review a selection of our past blog posts. The panel was comprised of some of our most trusted and tenured clients from the lending and legal fields as well as expert members of our staff. We asked the panel to read the posts and share any insider tips or additional information they could think of that may be helpful to regular readers of the blog. Over the next few weeks,…READ MORE