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Lien Monitoring Programs: What Liens To Search For

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Once a creditor has filed their UCC Financing Statement they’ll likely want to do all they can to maintain their priority position throughout the life of the loan. Lien-monitoring programs offer a great way for a secured party to keep a watchful eye on other lien-holder activity against their debtor. The concept behind lien-monitoring is that the sooner a creditor knows about a lien, the sooner they can act to protect their interests.… >> READ MORE

Don’t overlook a federal tax lien filed at the county

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Federal tax liens are regularly filed at county filing offices across the country, so your account monitoring process should include those jurisdictions. In our experience, we see many federal tax liens being filed at the county instead of the state filing office. A federal tax lien, whether filed at the state or the county, may affect your priority position; therefore it is critical to keep an eye on lien-holder activity at both the state… >> READ MORE

Importance of County-Level Lien Monitoring

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Once a creditor has filed a UCC Financing Statement they will want to do all they can to maintain their priority position throughout the life of the loan. Lien monitoring programs run interval searches on debtor names to check for any new filing activity, and then provide timely updates to alert a creditor to potential threats. Monitoring offers an easy and affordable way for a secured party to keep an eye on other lien-holder activity against… >> READ MORE

Tips To Maintain Your Perfected Security Interest

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Considering all the effort and resources you put into qualifying your debtors and perfecting your security interests, it's good to know there are some excellent tools you can utilize to help maintain that priority and make your efforts pay off. Why go to all the trouble to investigate a potential new debtor’s credit worthiness, and decide to perfect your security interest by filing a Financing Statement in the correct jurisdiction, if… >> READ MORE

IRS Disables Online ‘Get Transcript’ Capability Due to Data Breach

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In an IRS statement last updated May 27, 2015, the IRS revealed “that criminals used taxpayer-specific data acquired from non-IRS sources to gain unauthorized access to information on approximately 100,000 tax accounts through IRS’ “Get Transcript” application. This data included Social Security information, date of birth and street address.” You can read the IRS’s full statement here. In response to this incident, the IRS… >> READ MORE

First Corporate Solutions Will Exhibit CADENCE Integrated Lien Monitoring at the CADENCE User Conference

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It's that time of year again: The CADENCE User Conference is just a few days away! The conference kicks off Tuesday, October 21 and runs through 10/23  at the Sheraton Birmingham, Alabama. The conference, which has grown from a handful of CADENCE users into a substantial group of partners and vendors, will give Bayside Business Solutions partners a chance to discuss their various integrations with CADENCE, as well as give operators the… >> READ MORE

Three Top Reasons Why Public Records Research is Essential for an Asset-Based Lender’s Due Diligence Process

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In our continued focus on the importance of public records research to a secured party’s security interest perfection process, today we list three of the main reasons. So why is public records research essential to an Asset-based lender’s due diligence processes? 1. To determine priority before filing A public records search uncovers pre-existing liens (like Federal and State tax liens, Judgment liens and UCCs) which can prevent… >> READ MORE

Tax Lien Searching Blog Series Part Two: Ordering a Tax Lien Search

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In last week's blog post we discussed the importance of searching tax lien records as part of your pre-funding due diligence search efforts. This week, we'll go over a few tips for ordering tax lien searches to achieve the best results. There are three important things to keep in mind when searching for tax liens. The first is the scope of the search. Most tax liens are effective for a period of ten years and can be renewed. So you will… >> READ MORE

Free eBook on Lien-Related Post Funding Due Diligence

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As a lender, you need to know immediately if your customer is experiencing financial distress that could result in bankruptcy or debtor default. In this FREE guide you will find: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid on UCC Financing Statements What a Search to Reflect can do for you When to File Continuation Statements Lien Monitoring Programs Importance of Monitoring to Reveal Name Variations Download this free guide today! >> READ MORE

Choosing a Monitoring Solution that is Right for Factors & Asset-Based Lenders

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As asset-based lenders and factors, you are aware that different loan types provide different risks and rewards, and as lenders and risk takers you look to capitalize on this fact. Because of the nature of your lending practices, there are specific solutions that have been designed to monitor a perfected security interest and assist secured parties in maintaining their perfected security interest once a UCC financing statement has been filed. Many… >> READ MORE