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Tips To Maintain Your Perfected Security Interest

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Considering all the effort and resources you put into qualifying your debtors and perfecting your security interests, it’s good to know there are some excellent tools you can utilize to help maintain that priority and make your efforts pay off.

Why go to all the trouble to investigate a potential new debtor’s credit worthiness, and decide to perfect your security interest by filing a Financing Statement in the correct jurisdiction, if your filing’s perfected status is not monitored and maintained?

Below are selections from our Knowledge Center that address this and provide tips on ways to monitor your UCCs post-filing for events in the public record that can prime your perfected security interest.

  • Our free Ebook on lien related post-filing due diligence > Download eBook
  • A more concise reference guide to post-filing due diligence >  Download Reference Guide 
  • Our On Demand webinar “An Insider’s Guide to Post Filing Due Diligence” is for you >Watch Now
  • And remember to check out our blog for more post-filing due diligence tips. Here’s an example of what you’ll find.

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