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Jurisdictional Updates Regarding UCC and Corporate Services

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This week on the blog we share some important news from state filing offices. Please note the following issues may impact your ability to file and retrieve UCC and Corporate documents. Kentucky Kentucky state offices will take the final mandatory furlough day for this fiscal year on Friday, May 27. All Kentucky state offices will be closed for business on this date. Online services will remain available during the office closures. South…READ MORE

Top 5 Misconceptions About UCC & Corporate Due Diligence Series # 5: Omit “dba” notation from UCC Filings

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A UCC Financing Statement must properly identify the debtor in order for the UCC to perfect a security interest and provide priority protection for the secured party. To satisfy this requirement, a secured party must complete their Financing Statement using the debtor’s legal name. In general, secured parties understand the importance of properly naming the debtor on their UCC Financing Statements and try hard to comply. Sometimes though,…READ MORE

Top 5 Misconceptions About UCC & Corporate Due Diligence Series #4: Service Companies Often Cannot Provide Same Day Service For Corporate Documents

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Due diligence service providers often field phone calls from frantic customers who are in desperate need of a certificate of status, copy of a corporate charter or other corporate documents. Sadly, as much as we’d love to be able to provide these documents to our customers on a same day basis, it is usually not in our power to do so. Here’s why. State filing offices typically provide two categories of service for corporate documents:…READ MORE