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Registered Agent for Private Agreements

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Many agreements, such as contract and loan agreements, require the appointment of a Registered Agent to receive Service of Process or a notice from one party to another, and to deliver the documents to the various parties as soon as possible. Service of Process under a loan agreement and other legal contracts are critical correspondence that should be handled by a professional Registered Agent to ensure the documents are expeditiously delivered…READ MORE

Lien Monitoring Only at the State? It’s Risky

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When evaluating lien monitoring programs, programs that are designed to monitor your Financing Statements for lien filings that can prime your perfected security interest, it is important to recognize that many states do not maintain records of Federal Tax Liens or Judgment Liens Attached to Real Property at the state-level filing office. Nevertheless, these liens have the potential to prime a perfected security interest. That’s why,…READ MORE

Tips To End Billing Headaches With Your Service Company

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Ever have a partnership with a service company, one that is knowledgeable and able in their solutions, BUT there is still a problem? The service company’s billing system and accounting procedures are a big headache. Perhaps using a subscription billing model such as FastSpring Billing would have been a more appropriate system for them to use, but sometimes we can not be quite this lucky. It gets tiring and frustrating to pay your invoices…READ MORE

Equipment Finance and PMSI: A Unique Relationship

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Equipment finance or leasing is a lending type that specializes in lending on specific collateral. Equipment finance companies can vary greatly and tend to specialize in specific industries and often tend to be manufacturers (farm equipment, medical and dental equipment, freight, industrial equipment, etc.). With this being said, there are options such as buying used equipment instead of having to take them out on finance. Especially if…READ MORE