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Time To Choose A UCC Portfolio Manager? Here Are Some Tips To Consider

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Is your UCC portfolio growing? Are your UCC management processes growing with it? Are your current UCC solutions able to scale to support your success?

For example, have you ever missed the window for filing a UCC3 Continuation, and thus lost your perfected security interest? Are you still managing your UCC portfolio from a spreadsheet? Are you still filing direct with Secretary of States which require you to understand and navigate each state’s filing idiosyncrasies? All of these items and more are headaches you can leave in the past.

Check out this previous blog post for 3 tips to help you choose an online UCC portfolio manager.

Bottom line, if your UCC portfolio is growing, you’re finding success…good for you! To support it, it may be time to consider a proprietary UCC portfolio manager designed specifically to streamline and simplify your UCC processes and give you the power to manage your growth with ease and confidence while freeing up your valuable time and energy to address other vital aspects of your business.

And check out the importance of broad-based searching capabilities from your UCC portfolio manager search system, another important key to understand and weigh when making your choice.

Ready to choose a UCC Portfolio Manager? Do you have questions or comments? Contact us today! You can learn more about FCS’ Online UCC Portfolio Manager, designed to take the headaches out of your UCC/lien searching and filing processes.



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