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Choosing An Online UCC Search System – Importance Of Broad-Based Search Logic

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In last week’s blog we discussed items to consider when evaluating proprietary online UCC search systems. You can read that post here. This week we look deeper at one aspect to consider in your evaluation process:  what is broad-based search logic and why is it important that your UCC and lien search solutions provide it?

First, you need an understanding of the Model Administrative Rules (MARS) and the baseline they create. You can read more here.

Next, learn the importance of casting a broad net when lien searching because of the need to uncover name variations. You can read about that here.

Finally, if you currently utilize a proprietary online UCC search system or are looking into doing so, be sure it provides broad-based search logic. You can read why here.

Have anything else to add regarding the importance of broad-based search logic Please share your thoughts below. If you are interested in an online UCC searching, filing, monitoring and portfolio management system, schedule a free demo with First Corporate Solutions today.



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