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Filing Office Closures

February 20, 2019

State filing offices closed, February 20th, due to inclement weather:
• Maryland
• Pennsylvania
• Federal & D.C. gov’t offices

Due to the inclement weather, the State of Delaware, Division of Corporations office will be closing at 1:30 today Wednesday, February 20th. Our Delaware office will also be closing early and clients will be notified of any filing delays.

New Jersey
The governor of New Jersey has declared a state of emergency due to weather, but state government offices are remaining open until further notice.

In preparation for the launch of their new UCC system the Idaho Secretary of State is accepting submissions until Thursday, February 21st at 5pm Mountain Time. Submissions after the 21st will be added to a queue (including manual filings) to be processed until February 26th after the new system is in place.

Reach out to your Account Manager with any questions or concerns! 800.406.1577