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[For Immediate Release] First Corporate Solutions Releases Michigan and Tennessee Data To Online UCC & Lien State Search System

March 05, 2018

Sacramento, CA (March 5, 2018) – First Corporate Solutions (FCS), a global UCC and corporate risk management and due diligence firm, announced today that they have released Michigan and Tennessee state UCC & lien data to their online UCC and lien search system.  Online users can now search its reliable and current indices for Michigan and Tennessee UCC data including an expansive library of clear, downloadable document images.

The First Corporate Solutions online search system offers broad-based name searching features such as truncated name searching and wildcard characters that help searchers uncover name variations and locate involuntary liens.

“We are thrilled with the addition of Michigan and Tennessee to our online UCC and lien search system,” said David Silverburg, CEO of First Corporate Solutions. “We have been rapidly expanding our library of online search states and the response from customers, prospects and affiliates has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Those interested in learning more about First Corporate Solutions’ online UCC searching, filing and portfolio management system can contact FCS at 800.406.1577 or to schedule a free online system demonstration.

About First Corporate Solutions:
First Corporate Solutions (FCS) is a service, data and proprietary online system company providing global UCC & corporate due diligence solutions to help entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 legal and financial institutions mitigate/evaluate risk and perfect secured transactions. FCS delivers its firm’s core values – accuracy, efficiency and customer service – through fast turn-around times with no compromise to accuracy, competitive pricing with no hidden fees, and a true emphasis on personalized customer service. FCS’ comprehensive UCC online search, filing & portfolio management system competes with any in the market today, combined with unique services such as Account Monitoring, Registered Agent and Real Estate Title. First Corporate Solutions is your one stop shop service partner.