Do you have a lien against you with First Corporate Solutions, as representative?

Do you have a lien against you with First Corporate Solutions, as representative?

  • First Corporate Solutions, Inc. (FCS) acts as representative for the secured party on UCC financing statements for the purpose of forwarding notices and questions related to these financing statements. Once we receive an inquiry it is immediately forwarded to the secured party. Response to your inquiry will come directly from the secured party.

Who filed a lien against me?

  • First Corporate Solutions does not have any interest in the lien filed by our client. Generally, the lien is filled by an equipment dealer, factor, or other lender (also referred to as a Secured Party) with whom you may have inquired.

Who is FCS and why are they involved?

  • We are the filing service; our clients utilize our website to create filings, like UCC Financing Statements, and upon submittal we record the filing in the jurisdiction requested.
  • Per our agreement with the Secured Party, we are required to issue an email notification to the Secured Party for inquiries on any UCC’s for which FCS is the representative, and the Secured Party will contact you directly.
  • FCS does not have authority to release any liens.

Who is the Secured Party?

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to disclose this information according to our agreements with our customers.

 Want answers fast?

  • Have you considered recent inquiries you may have had with equipment dealers, factors, or other lenders around the file date of the UCC? If so, we recommend following up with them directly for further clarification.

What if I don’t know who the Secured Party is?

  • Send an inquiry to FCS and we will forward all authenticated requests to the secured party immediately.
  • All inquiries can be submitted online here.

What information should I include? Provide the following information for a timely reply:

  • Include the State the UCC is filed in
  • Debtor name
  • Document number
  • Date filed
  • Contact information of the party who wishes to receive a reply

How long does it take?

  • Our clients are notified within a half an hour of receipt of your inquiry. It is the Secured Party’s responsibility to reply directly to the inquiry.

Is FCS representation service in compliance with UCC code?

  • Under Revised Article 9, UCC Section 9-502(a)(2), a financing statement must provide the name of the secured party or representative of the secured party. The code allows “a representative” of the secured party to appear on the UCC financing statement

Can a UCC filing be terminated by the debtor?

  • Yes, as long as there is no existing obligation to the lender and one follows a specific process.
  • The process for debtors to terminate their UCC filing is provided in the Uniform Commercial Code and can be found in Section 9-513 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

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