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Tips To End Billing Headaches With Your Service Company

April 12, 2018 UCC, Corporate, Tips

Ever have a partnership with a service company, one that is knowledgeable and able in their solutions, BUT there is still a problem? The service company’s billing system and accounting procedures are a big headache. Perhaps using a subscription billing model such as FastSpring Billing would have been a more appropriate system for them to use, but sometimes we can not be quite this lucky.

It gets tiring and frustrating to pay your invoices on time, remit the proper amount to the proper office, yet still end up getting hassled by your service company because they processed your payments incorrectly. You are then forced to spend hours reconciling months-old invoices to fix their accounting errors!

It’s not your fault a third-party administrator did not apply your payments correctly, or that you didn’t receive an invoice, or that customer service reps don’t help you fix their company’s billing errors.

But you don’t have to put up with it, and you have choices.

Here are a couple of helpful tips to end billing headaches and source out a service partner that also offers an efficient accounting procedure respectful of you and your time and effort.

  1. Assure that 3rdparty administration of invoicing is NOT used; invoices sent to the wrong individuals or to incorrect offices often accompanies 3rd party administration.
  2. Choose a service company partner that assigns Dedicated Account Managers to all accounts so if a billing issue does arise, you have an advocate to go to for help.
  3. Source out a partner that captures both client and matter number at the time of the order, and that issues a final invoice when the evidence or documents requested are sent.

If you’re looking to end billing headaches with your UCC, Corporate and Title service company, partner with one that practices the billing procedures described above, First Corporate Solutions. Please contact us today and learn more.


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