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Do You Request A Search To Reflect On All Your UCC Filings? You May Want To

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A search to reflect, also referred to as a post-filing verification search, is a search of the UCC records of the office where you filed after your UCC filing has posted to the index. It confirms proper indexing of a UCC filing and verifies its priority position relative to other creditors, important benefits of a search to reflect.

When to perform a search to reflect on your UCC is key. Since you have to wait for the filing index date to ‘catch up’ to your filing date, the search cannot be performed on the date of filing. Depending on your process, there are different ways to successfully schedule your searches to reflect.

One user-friendly, accurate and cost-effective choice is to utilize a proprietary UCC Portfolio Manager. Designed to accurately streamline your workflow and ease your UCC processes, you can search, file and monitor from one familiar place, including simple one-click ordering for UCC searches to reflect.

Do you have questions or comments? Contact us today! You can learn more about FCS’ Online UCC Portfolio Manager, designed to take the headaches out of your UCC/lien searching and filing processes.



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