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True Value of Customer Service

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Want to talk to a live person…need to talk to a live person? How many are you required to speak with, and repeat your story, before you finally get want you want and need (hopefully)? Perhaps you can login to a website and hunt answers to your questions, utilizing help desks and live chats, very useful depending on the issues’ complexities, or lack thereof. But even for login credential relationships, the true value of Customer… >> READ MORE

Private Agreements and Registered Agent Requirements

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Many agreements, such as contract and loan agreements, require the appointment of a Registered Agent to receive Service of Process or a notice from one party to another, and to deliver the documents to the various parties as soon as possible. Service of Process under a loan agreement and other legal contracts are critical correspondence that should be handled by a professional Registered Agent to ensure the documents are expeditiously delivered… >> READ MORE

Why Name an Outside Party as Registered Agent?

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In these tough economic times, many people are asking, “Why would I incur the cost to name a service provider as registered agent for my business? Why not just name one of my employees?” In practice, there are some significant advantages to enlisting an outside party to accept service of process and other legal and tax documents on behalf of your business. Consider the following: If your trusted employee is out of the office… >> READ MORE