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Post Funding Due Diligence—Don’t Lose Your Perfected Security Interests

Due Diligence
You’ve performed your pre funding due diligence. You’ve qualified your prospect and determined to move forward and fund. You’ve filed your UCC and perfected your security interest.


Now what?


After all the time and effort invested to best investigate the credit worthiness of your new customers and establish your priority position to collect in case of default, don’t stop there! Your job is just beginning. From Federal tax liens and judgment liens to entity address changes and name changes, numerous events can occur after perfecting that have the ability to prime your previously perfected security interest.
But you can do something to protect yourself.


Monitoring services that perform frequent update searches within specific time intervals are the answer. Check out this previous blog post that explores how to choose the right monitoring solution for you. And here’s another blog post complete with free Ebook links and more that further explore the importance and methods for post filing due diligence, all designed to help you maintain your perfected security interest.


Do you utilize a post funding monitoring service? Do you have more questions? Contact us if you are interested to learn more about FCS Monitoring Services and how it can help safeguard your perfected security interests.


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