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A Behind the Scenes Look at First Corporate Solutions Online Data

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As you may have heard, First Corporate Solutions recently released Wisconsin to our online search system. To coincide with the launch, we thought it would be interesting to share a behind the scenes look at the kind of analysis we perform before bring a new search state online.

First Corporate Solutions is committed to providing our customers with anytime, anywhere access to the highest quality, most up-to-date search data available. To accomplish this, we purchase our data directly from the state filing offices and perform comprehensive analysis of the data prior to making it available for searching via www.ficoso.com. One of the areas we examine is the type of records present in the data and the number of active records for each.

Here is an overview of the lien types present in our newly launched Wisconsin data as of 1/4/2012:

Filing Type                                                                         Active Record Count

UCC Financing Statements and Amendments                     494,689

Judgment Liens                                                                                52

Notices of Lien for Fine                                                                 153

Federal Tax Lien Records                                                             18,042

Manufactured Home Filings                                                        1,249

Public Finance Transactions                                                       523

Railroad Filings                                                                                 18

Wage Claim Liens                                                                              8

Transmitting Utility Filings                                                          1,125


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