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Are You Getting the Most Out Of Your UCC Search Results?


So you’ve determined for your UCC and lien searches who to search, what to search, and where to search. You’ve placed your order or performed the search yourself and it has been completed. The search results are in hand and now you must interpret what you’ve found.

Are all search result reports the same? No, they are not. UCC search reports vary in appearance and contain different information depending on the data source. This reference guide provides tips for “reading” UCC search results.

Once your search results report has successfully been “read” to help determine existing encumbrances, there’s still more you can garner from the report to help minimize your risk. Here’s a guide that discusses strategies to uncover hidden liens and to locate critical filings indexed under name variations.

Sometimes what you “read” and interpret from your UCC search results reports can be confusing. For example, check out this guide that discusses how UCCs can be filed beyond the search through date yet still show up on the search results report.

As always, consult with your legal counsel for ultimate guidance on the questions above.

Have any other tips for “reading” UCC and lien search results reports to share? Do you have questions? Contact us if you are interested to learn more about FCS’ Online UCC Portfolio Manager, designed to help take the headache out of your UCC and lien searching processes.



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