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Free eBook: Lien-Related Post Filing Due Diligence

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As a secured party, you need to know immediately if your debtor is experiencing financial distress that could result in bankruptcy or debtor default. In this FREE eBook, we focus on lien-related post filing due diligence and what you can do as a secured party to maintain your perfected security interest. In it, you will find post filing due diligence insights regarding the below topics.

  • Top 5 mistakes to avoid on UCC Financing Statements
  • What a Search to Reflect can do for you
  • When to file Continuation Statements
  • Lien Monitoring Program options
  • Importance of Name Variation discovery in monitoring programs

Maintain your perfected security interests. Manage your post filing due diligence with the same acumen you use to qualify new debtors.

Download this FREE guide today!




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