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Free eBook Offer: Important Revisions to Article 9’s UCC Rules Regarding Individual Debtor Names

UCC, Revised Article 9

Attorney Bennett Cohen writes:

“The 2010 Amendments to the Code for filing against individual debtors were supposed to bring clarity for secured parties (and in some respects there is more clarity). However, these new filing rules, in my opinion, may bring more complexity and uncertainty for secured parties going forward in terms of both filing and searching against individual debtors due to the risks described in this article and the implementation of different filing rules for States adopting Alternative A or Alternative B which is certain to create confusion for UCC preparers and searchers.”

Our all new eBook, “Important Revisions to Article 9’s UCC Rules Regarding Individual Debtor Names,” by attorney Bennett Cohen provides an in-depth look at the upcoming changes regarding individual debtor names including information on:

  • Alternative A versus Alternative B
  • Driver’s License Issues
  • Fixture Filings after July 1, 2013
  • Managing Debtor Name Changes
  • UCC Searching and more!

Download your copy here !



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