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Frustrated By Missing Documents At Your Closings?

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Familiar with that feeling? Of course we’re all looking for ways to improve efficiency and, on this topic, there are some steps you can take that may help save time and streamline processes so you’re ready when it’s time and you’re not frustrated by missing documents at your closings.

Don’t wait until the last minute. This seemingly simple tactic is vital to assuring you have the documents you need when you need them. If you wait until the latter stage of the funding cycle to initiate corporate document and/or search and copy requests, any delays from the filing office, for various possible reasons, could impact your closing. Doing this step earlier mitigates potential impact.

Streamline your corporate filing process by reserving your business name.  By filing a name reservation, you can secure your chosen name for your exclusive use until you are ready to file your formation documents – saving you time and money in rejected documents later.

The popular corporate filing state of Delaware offers a variety of preclearance reviews of corporate documents to limit rejections and help corporate filers through the incorporation process.

And of course, put a rush on your request. This allows you to pay a fee to the filing office to expedite your request. This service is offered in many filing offices, you’d have to check the policy of each or work with your service company to do so.

How current do you require your Delaware UCC and Corporate searching, and retrievals? First Corporate Solutions has Delaware direct access to the Secretary of State databases for the most current UCC’s on file, quick retrieval of Good Standing and Certified Copies, or 30-minute filing confirmation.  Contact us to learn more.



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