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New Years Resolutions? Improve UCC Due Diligence

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2019 is approaching and New Years resolutions are on everyone’s mind.  Streamlining and improving your UCC due diligence strategies should be on your list!  Have you considered adapting new strategies to improve your UCC Due Diligence?

Evaluating your UCC management can be a complicated process; as a UCC service partner we support our clients responsibility to reduce risks, improve workflow efficiency and cut costs while maintaining accuracy.

Experiencing aggravation in any of these areas?

Billing inefficiencies / high fees:  This webinar offers tips.
Inaccurate / incomplete search results & missing copies: Check out the hints here.
High fees: These strategies help reduce costs.
Late reporting: Watch this webinar for tips.
Unavailable CSR: Choose a service provider to assign dedicated CSRs to all accounts.

Need help? Contact us today! You can learn more about FCS’ Online UCC Portfolio Manager, designed to take the headaches out of your UCC/lien searching and filing processes.



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