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Three Tips for Choosing a UCC Search Option


Previously on the blog we’ve discussed the three main state-level UCC search options that are available. You can read more on certified searches, state direct database searches and proprietary database searches in our Evaluating State UCC Search Options blog series. In this post, we offer three tips to help you choose a UCC search option that works best for you and your firm.

Consider the Total Cost
Some search options can result in hidden or additional fees. For example, some state direct databases don’t offer copies so in these states you may need to incur additional charges to work with a vendor to obtain those copies. It is a good idea to factor all of these variables into the total cost for your search effort before you decide to go with a specific search option.

Use Multiple Sources
Remember, you don’t have to commit to a single source for all of your state UCC search needs. There are benefits and drawbacks to each of the three search options and by keeping those in mind you can make search decisions based on jurisdiction or even by transaction.

Keep Your Options Open
Even if you typically order certified searches or use state direct search sites, it’s a good idea to maintain an account with a proprietary UCC search system  too. This is beneficial in cases where you need a preliminary search while you wait for the return of a certified search or if your target name could have a numerous variations and you want the ability to pick them up all on a single search.

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