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Tips for UCC and Corporate Transactions in Delaware


Most of us have heard that a large number of businesses choose to file their organizing paperwork in the State of Delaware. In fact, more than half of the corporations that make up the Fortune 500 are incorporated in Delaware. Simple set up and business friendly laws help drive that.

Aware of this, the State of Delaware offers a variety of preclearance corporate filing services to assist navigation through the incorporation process and reduce rejections. When the need for rush processing arises these preclearance services can be especially useful.

UCC searching in Delaware is high volume because of all the businesses organizing there. There are important specifics to consider when in need of UCC information from Delaware. Whether it’s locating Federal tax liens, finding name variations, being required to use an authorized vendor or ‘noise words’ and the state’s exact name search logic, the assistance of an authorized vendor is imperative.

Have any other tips for corporate and UCC processes in Delaware? Do you have questions? Contact us and we’ll connect you with our office in Dover, DE and assist you as an authorized vendor.



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