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Tips On UCC3 Amendments And Mistakes To Avoid

So you have a signed security agreement, you’ve perfected your security interest with a first position UCC filing on your debtor, and you’re utilizing one or more post-filing monitoring services that search for and report events that can prime your perfected security interest. But there’s still more to do.


Depending on the situation, your UCC1 may require amendments to the originally filed document. These changes are introduced into the public record as UCC3s, an amendment filed to record and give public notice regarding to a filed financing statement. And there are mistakes that can occur that can jeopardize your perfected security interest.


You can check out three of the most common mistakes here—Top 3 Mistakes on UCC3 Change Statements—and you can dig even deeper into the details of a specific type of UCC3 , Continuation Statements, here—When to File a UCC3 Continuation Statement—to assist you in maintaining your perfected security interests.


Have you experienced any issues with your UCC3 Change Statements before? Do you have other questions? Contact us if you are interested to learn more about FCS’ Online UCC Portfolio Managerdesigned to help take the headache out of your UCC process, including with UCC3s.


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