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FCS Online UCC and Lien Search System Adds Arkansas, Maine, Vermont and Wyoming

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We are delighted to announce we have expanded our online UCC and lien search system to include Arkansas, Maine, Vermont and Wyoming. Starting Monday, March 31, active users may log on to ficoso.com and search our reliable data obtained directly from the states. These new states add 1,407,279 UCC and lien documents to our online system. Use our broad-based search engine to locate liens by debtor name or file number, then use our… >> READ MORE

How to Protect Your Client List From UCC Secured Party Searches

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UCC searching and filing service providers go to great lengths to keep their customers’ data secure. Technology and in-house procedures provide safeguards to keep your data protected from outside sources. Since service providers, along with state and county filing offices, are the gatekeepers of public records containing transactional information, this is good thing. The nature of the Uniform Commercial Code, however, exposes an important… >> READ MORE

Kentucky UCC and Lien Data Added to FCS Online UCC System

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First Corporate Solutions is pleased to announce the release of Kentucky data and image library to our online UCC search system. As of Monday, August 4, 2014, active online users can log on to www.ficoso.com and search our reliable state-direct UCC and tax lien data complemented by an expansive library of clear, downloadable document images. FCS adds value to Kentucky data by including data on expired filings (not currently available… >> READ MORE

Georgia UCC Data Added to FCS Online System

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We are pleased to announce the release of Georgia data to our online UCC system. Beginning November 3, 2014, FCS online clients may search the state’s database of more than 3 million filings within our online UCC system. The FCS online UCC system was designed with the high volume searcher in mind. For example, on the FCS system you can see full, detailed results with just one click, instead of having to open multiple screens. You will… >> READ MORE

New Jersey Added to Online UCC System

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As of Monday, November 3, we have added UCC data from New Jersey to our online UCC system. Active users may search New Jersey’s UCC database of more than 1.2 million filings, complemented by clear, downloadable document images. Not familiar with our online UCC search system? Check out some more information here. And if you’re interested in learning more from one of our staff members, please click here to schedule a demo. New… >> READ MORE