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New Developments as Fight Against UCC Fraud Gains Momentum


Earlier this year, FCS posted a story on our blog warning readers about Redemption Process and the dangers of UCC fraud. You can read that post here . We are happy to report that in recent weeks there has been significant progress in the fight against fraudulently filed UCC documents.

In August, the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) released their report on bogus UCC filings titled, “State Strategies to Subvert Fraudulent Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings.” In their press release dated August 8, 2012, NASS explains that, “The report highlights common elements of bogus UCC filings and new state laws that seek to address the proliferation of such claims.” The report contains important background information on UCC fraud and the so-called sovereign citizens movement. You can download a full-text version of the NASS report here: http://www.nass.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=329%3Anews-release-new-ucc-report-aug12&catid=964%3Auncategorized-news-releases&Itemid=428

In another interesting development, Judge Marc Finkelstein of Brooklyn issued a strongly worded, landmark verdict in a rent non-payment case involving a self-proclaimed sovereign citizen, Jason Robert Williams. In the case, 2720 Realty v. Jason Robert Williams, Williams attempted to pay his rent with a lawful Bill of Exchange. A lawful Bill of Exchange being one of many official sounding, but ultimately worthless documents used by those who subscribe to redemption theory and the sovereign citizen movement. Williams sought to have the resulting default judgment vacated in Finkelstein’s Brooklyn Housing Court. For more information on the 2720 Realty v. Jason Robert Williams case and the sovereign citizens movement, refer to John Caher’s September 7, 2012 article from the New York Law Journal, “NY judge tells ‘sovereign citizen’: Pay with real money”.



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