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SB12 Update (6/15/2012) – Take Action Today to Oppose SB12


[Original Message from the California Escrow Association. Please take action on or before 6/15/2012.]

Action 1: Make a Call Now

Dear CEA Members:

The time is now.  We need each and every one of you with legislators on the Assembly Judiciary Committee to call your Assembly Member now, today, to express your opposition to SB 12. 

It is urgent that committee members hear from you, their constituents, today.

If you have not yet checked to see if your Assembly Member is on the Judiciary Committee, please use the following link to do so. I have included yesterday’s emailed call to action for letters for your easy reference.  Also, if you have not yet faxed in your letter, please do that as well, but first, please make the phone call today.

In most cases you will speak to whomever answers the phone; in some cases you may be transferred to another person. You will likely be asked your name, address, and phone number; it is possible but unlikely they will ask you for other specifics.

It’s EASY and FAST!

Your call will probably go something like this:

You:  Hi I’m ___.  I’m a constituent of Assembly Member ___.  I am calling to express my opposition to Senate Bill 12 and request his/her no vote on Tuesday when Senate Bill 12 is heard in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Them: Thank you for calling and letting us know. Would you like to leave your address?

You: Yes, please (and give them your address and any other details they might ask for)

If there are others in your office or sphere of influence available to make these calls today, please have them do the same!

If you are able, please DO email me back to let me know you made the call, any response you received, and any other details you can provide.

Also, if you have not done so already, please also take a few minutes to complete the letter requested, below.  We’ve included all the details below and attached, again, for easy access.

We are sorry for the push on this, but NOW is the time to make a difference: your call today, the letter by tomorrow, please.

Action 2: Send a Letter to Your Senator

Dear CEA Member:

CEA, and a coalition of industry allies including EIC, CLTA, and others, is opposed to SB 12 (Corbett), a bill that seeks to entirely repeal the California bulk sales law, Division 6 of the California Uniform Commercial Code.

SB 12 has been “double-referred” in the Assembly, meaning that it goes first to the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, June 19, 2012, and next to the Assembly Revenue & Taxation Committee. You are receiving this email because it appears from your work or home zip code on file with CEA that your Assembly Member may serve on the Assembly Judiciary Committee. A future call to action will likely come if and when the bill moves to the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee.

This week, we ask for your help as follows:

I have attached a list of those on the Assembly Judiciary Committee (or by clicking this link).

1. Please navigate to the following site on the CEA website (click here) to check your Assembly Member, and if they appear on the attached list, please do the following:

2. Use this letter “SB12_LegislatorMemberAsmJudLetter as a template for your letter or create your own letter. Note that all the highlighted areas need edits by you (and highlighting and prompting notes removed). Please tell your story, and express your concerns. We know you are busy – if you truly have only 5-10 minutes for this, you can do it in that time by retaining much of the text of the attached letter, but your personal story is important.

3. Complete, sign, and fax this letter to your legislator immediately. By this Friday, June 15, please.

4. At the same time, fax or email a copy of your letter to CEA, (fax 916-924-7323 or lexi@camgmt.com). It is important that we know who has responded so that we can follow up with your legislator on the committee. And when you later receive a response from your legislator, please fax or email that to us as well.

Tips: Be sure to tell “your story” (who you are, how long you’ve been in business, what geographic area, type of company, etc. – not more than one paragraph for this) and your concerns about SB 12.

Also attached is a copy of the most current version of SB 12 – SB_12SB 12 – AsmJudCmte_2012.

And of course, we’ll keep you posted. Thank you.

Lexi Purich Howard, CSEO/CEO/CEI
lexi@camgmt.com, California Escrow Association



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