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Technology Trends for Legal Professionals


Legal professionals have always endured demanding workloads, strict deadlines and fast-paced environments. Technology has advanced rapidly over the last several years, offering new virtual channels for legal professionals to manage their workloads. We have spotted a few trends and tools from the legal industry and compiled them here.


Increasing efficiency and maintaining security are top of mind issues for legal professionals. Many companies are now moving to digitally store all documents into an archive that is easily viewed and processed. This is in part due to the rise of accessible software similar to FilecenterDMS and a push to move away from physical paperwork. Again, technology has played a huge role in the development of the modern legal professional, both in easing the general workflow to allow them to focus down and helping keep track of the upcoming deadlines.

Drobo is a file storage and data protection solution that puts a lot of power into the user’s hands needing a computer science degree. It offers redundant data protection, personal and networked file storage, and it works with all major operating systems.

1Password is an application for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android that remembers all your web passwords, so you’ll never have to enter (or remember) them. Once you create a single password, the app can log you in to almost any web service using a much more secure password. It also stores notes, medical information and credit cards securely-everything you save is protected by military grade 256-bit AES encryption.

Fujitsu ScanSnap Mobile Scanner is a portable device for scanning documents. You can scan receipts, contracts (up to 34 inches long) and even plastic cards with a device that only weighs 12 ounces. Alternatively, you could look into scanner rental options if you are in need of a larger machine. Scan your documents into an editable Word or Excel file, or create searchable keywords with a highlighter. The ScanSnap Mobile Scanner is compatible with Mac or PC and is powered by USB.

Online UCC searching and filing with First Corporate Solutions helps legal professionals conduct their due diligence and corporate projects with accuracy and convenience. Broad-based searching tools such as truncated search strings and wildcards to maximize search results returned, or search by filing number.

*Disclaimer: First Corporate Solutions is not affiliated with Drobo, 1Password or Fujitsu.


The concept of outsourcing legal research is not new to lawyers, but in today’s virtual world it’s incredible what can be accomplished online.

Freelance legal assistants (also called virtual assistants) conduct services including typing, data entry, word processing and digital transcription services. Some also have experience in e-filings, billing, document management and other administrative work.

Freelance paralegals (also called virtual paralegals) perform online legal research, help draft litigation and corporate transactional documents, and complete e-filings with the court. Many of our clients are paralegals who use our online UCC and lien search system regularly during their course of research.

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