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UCCWe try to cover a wide range of topics on the First Corporate Solutions blog. Our approach is to identify the questions we hear customers and prospects pose most frequently and address those areas of confusion proactively on the blog. This week we respond by sharing some additional information and resource outlets regarding UCC & corporate due diligence.

State and County Websites
When you need to perform a search or submit a filing at a particular filing office, it is a good idea to review their website before initiating your task. In addition to general information such as fees for services and forms, many filing office websites offer a frequently asked questions section, filing tips and links to other reliable resources within that jurisdiction

For example, if you are looking for information on forming a corporation in the state of California. You could visit their website. On this page, the Secretary of State provides forms with instructions and samples, filing tips, processing times and links to other organizations you may need to work with in order to establish a legally compliant business.

Professional Associations and Trade Journals
If you work in an industry that interacts with public records and you belong to a professional association, you may want to spend some time investigating what resources they offer. Professional Associations can be a particularly valuable source of information on UCC and corporate due diligence since their materials relate specifically to your type of business. Most associations provide extensive online resources including web-based tools, training materials and lectures or webinar events. In addition to online resources, your association’s trade journal is a great place to find in depth discussions on critical issues written by experts in your field.

Service Companies
Private service companies can be an excellent source of information on due diligence related tasks. Customer service representatives for private service companies are extremely knowledgeable about best practices for completing search and filing tasks and are well versed in specific jurisdictional requirements. They are usually happy to spend a few moments on the phone with you to help you get on the right track.

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