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APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) For UCCs—It’s A Big Deal (Part I)

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Are you a secured party? Do you perform lien searches, file UCCs and then monitor your perfected security interests to maintain priority? Solutions to streamline and improve UCC perfection processes continue to evolve and continue to improve your searching, filing and monitoring experiences.

The latest? Application Programming Interfaces, aka APIs, are now center stage. You’ve heard the term probably, API. But what is an API anyway?

Here’s a definition below that we liked, taken from this link What Is An API? And Why Does It Matter?

If you have a smartphone, you are well acquainted with what applications are, i.e., the tools, games, social networks and other software that we use everyday.

Programming is how engineers create all the software that make our lives so much easier.

An interface is a common boundary shared by two applications or programs that allow both to communicate with one another.

So an API is essentially a way for programmers to communicate with a certain application.

And now APIs are being utilized to facilitate direct B2B interfaces for public records transactions including lien searching, UCC filings and lien monitoring.

Want to learn more about APIs and UCC applications? Contact us today and schedule a consultation with one of our UCC experts.



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