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First Corporate Solutions Releases Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee UCC Online Data

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First Corporate Solutions (FCS) is pleased to announce that we are releasing Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee data to our online UCC search system. Effective Monday, November 21, users can search our UCC data indices for Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee utilizing FCS’ state-of-the-art search engine designed to uncover name variations and potential hidden liens.

In addition, we’re excited to include the following enhancements to our online system that further efficiency and ease of use.

  • Efile is now the default setting for all UCCs; if Efile is not the method preferred for a UCC filing, a box indicating another preference must be checked
  • Mass UCC Continuations can now be executed instead of continuing each UCC one at a time

Do you need UCC and lien search results? Contact us. You can learn more about FCS’ online UCC Portfolio Manager, designed to take the headaches out of your UCC portfolio management. Schedule a demo today!



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