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APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) For UCCs—It’s A Big Deal (Part II)

UCC, Online UCC System

Direct B2B Interfaces for Public Records Transactions

We blogged a quick overview of APIs a couple of weeks ago and noted how API technology has made its way into public records and UCC processes and procedures.

But how?

APIs for public records transactions include:

  • UCC Search
  • Business Entity Search
  • UCC Filing
  • Monitoring of Debtors’ UCC/Lien activity and Business Entity changes
  • Monitoring activity in US District Court, State Court, Bankruptcy Court records

and more.

Simplify the workflow for your organization by connecting your business line software directly to reliable, fast, and accurate public records search, filing and monitoring. Streamline your workflows by minimizing keystrokes and enhance compliance practices at the same time by eliminating the re-entering of UCC information.

You can do all this and more with APIs for UCCs (and for other public records transactions)!

Want to learn more about APIs and UCC applications? Contact us today and schedule a consultation with one of our UCC experts.



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