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New Updates on Sovereign Citizens Movement and Public Records Fraud

April 12, 2013 UCC

We have had several posts here on the FCS blog that address the public records filing scam that deals with the Sovereign Citizens movement and the so-called Redemption Process. Those who follow the movement believe that by filing a series of documents into the public record, including UCC1 Financing Statements, one can discharge all personal debt and gain access to a secret government account being held in their name.

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Over the last several weeks, some interesting new reports have emerged that we want to share with our regular readers who have been following the story.

From the Journal of Accountancy:

“Sovereign citizens” promoter faces up to 164 years in prison

Read the full text story here

From the Los Angeles Times:

Police teach tactics for handling “sovereign citizens”

Click here to read the full article



One thought on “New Updates on Sovereign Citizens Movement and Public Records Fraud

  1. The “Redemptionist” are growing in numbers because we are allowing them to build a portfolio through paper terrorism. If we focus on limiting the source of their perceived strength, we will be one step ahead. Put controls on the UCC that will deter the nosensical filings and the “Redemptionist” perception of power!

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