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FCS Coordinates Meeting With LA County Tax Collector And Bulk Sale Escrow Officers


First Corporate Solutions recently coordinated and led a meeting with the Los Angeles County Tax Collector and bulk sale escrow officers helping to represent LA county. We batted around good solutions to a few key issues, and are now discussing implementations.

Here are a few of the primary takeaways.

Issue: Lag time and lack of return of the tax releases
Solution: The tax collector will create a standalone email address for tax clearance requests

Note:  Per the LA Tax Collector, the purpose for sending via registered mail is only a mandate by statute, not necessarily an effective method for communication.

Issue: Historical difficulty in reporting county tax liens
Solution: Consistent communication between tax collector and escrow officers, and better knowing each other and what the other needs and can provide; EO’s asked the tax collector to redirect these questions from the buyer back the EO

Issue: Not having ‘go-to’ people in the Tax Collector office
Solution: Diana Agostinelli, the unsecured property department manager, was there and gave out her card to everyone, as did Kathy Gloster, the Deputy LA County Tax Collector

Much was accomplished. Key now is to maintain the momentum created as the seed of progress in these key areas and continue to grow the budding relationship between the tax collector and escrow officers handling bulk sales.

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