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The True Value of Customer Service in the UCC Industry


Want to talk to a live person…need to talk to a live person? How many are you required to speak with, and repeat your story, before you finally get want you want and need (hopefully)?

Perhaps you can login to a website and hunt answers to your questions, utilizing help desks and live chats, very useful depending on the issues’ complexities, or lack thereof.

But even for login credential relationships, true Customer Service can come down to human interactions when the need for that understanding arises. Situation outcomes from more dynamic equations often swing on the human element, relationships with deeper dimensions which include trust, and we all know that is only built or broken over time.

Customer Service is not a one week focus, or one month focus, or even one year focus. Customer Service is a way of understanding and doing business, over time.

It is not an afterthought added to your login credential by the marketing team. It’s either who you are as a company or not.

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